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Haute Chocolate * Cincinnati, OH * Est. 1979
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No one knows for certain the origin of the chocolate or “cacao” tree- the wonderful evergreen that gives us the magical fruit to create luscious chocolate treats.

At Haute Chocolate, we know this; the products of selected Chocolate plantations have been gathered by us to create the delicious, decadent, award winning, Lisa‘s Brownies, and equally awesome Freestyle Chocolate treats for your pleasure, here at our kitchens, in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1979.

The Family of Chocolatiers at Haute have been creating, making, and baking and purveying “confectionery“ for our Chocolate fans in Cincinnati, and Chocolate lovers all over the world!

It is our wish that all who partake in our products, may experience some of the joys of the Ancient Mayans idea of heaven...





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